Greeting from President


In 1997, our company was established as the Japan’s full-fledged road service company specializing in motorcycles. In our pursuit of “helping someone in need”, we’ve expanded our service from the “road service” specializing in motorcycles to “insurances against motorcycle theft” and “motorcycle extended warranty”. Thanks to all, we have over 230,000 active members across the country today and grown to become a company that offers membership services entrusted with motorcycle manufactures such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

In April 2011, the current management team separated from the company listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange due to management buyouts (MBO= corporate acquisitions in which management teams participate) and began new challenges both in Japan and abroad. Outside of Japan, we established local companies in Vietnam and Indonesia in 2012, and today, they are operating the similar motorcycle business as in Japan. Also, we have been working on bicycle insurance domestically to deal with bicycle accidents which have been a social problem in recent years. Both of the businesses are needed in society and have a strong social meaning. With a strong sense of mission that “if we don’t do it, who is going to do it?”, we’ve been making efforts and they are gradually paying off.

As for the future, we have been focusing on developing the following as our three pillars: “Motorcycle member business in Japan”, ” Bicycle insurance business in Japan”, and “Motorcycle member business abroad”.

On the basis of our corporate philosophy “For All Riders”, by providing all riders with the best service that is reliable, safe and comfortable, we hope that we can make the Japanese motorcycle culture, the pride of Japan, richer and through spreading it from Japan to the world, we would like to make contributions to society.

Also, we aim to achieve growth of both the company and individuals and develop our happiness with fellows by ensuring customer satisfaction through the professional work we offer.

We will continue our challenge to work on business specialized in supporting the society in a straightforward and enthusiastic way. We look forward to your continued understanding and support in the future.

JBR Motorcycle Corporation
Representative Director Shingo Hirai