Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

On the basis of our starting point of “For All Riders”, we hope that we can make the Japanese motorcycle culture, the pride of Japan richer by providing all riders with the best service that is reliable, safe and comfortable and through spreading it from Japan to the world, we would like to make contributions to society and achieve self-fulfillment as a result.

Corporate policy

  1. We aim to become a company that is loved by customers with a high customer satisfaction.
  2. We aim to become a company that offers professional services.
  3. We aim to be committed to our specialty that we specialize in motorcycles.
  4. We aim to become the Niche Top.
  5. We aim to become a company that takes an active role in the world.
  6. We aim to become a company that respects others and the happiness of those who try hard are realized.
  7. We aim to place an importance on work-life balance and become a company that has a high employee satisfaction.

Course of action

  1. We take the customer’s perspective
  2. We think what we can do, rather than why we can’t do it.
  3. We think positive and act positive.
  4. We act straight ahead with integrity and honesty.
  5. We always strive for continuous growth.
  6. We have defined dreams and goals.
  7. We are always up for a challenge.
  8. We respond with speed in our work.
  9. We work in a professional manner.
  10. We always have awareness of issues and try to improve them.
  11. We place an importance on compliance.
  12. We place an importance on the spirit of helping.